Rates & Insurance

Sanctuary Christian Counseling has always made every attempt to keep fees as low as possible by keeping overhead costs to a minimum.  As a ministry, we attempt to make quality, professional therapy accessible to anyone. There is no charge for our first session.  The first meeting provides the therapist and client the opportunity to determine if our services can help.

After the first visit, fees are due and payable at the time of each session. We accept cash, cashier’s check, money order, PayPal, Apple Pay, and major credit cards.  There is a fee for credit card payments of $3 per transaction.   If you choose to pay via PayPal, we ask that you do so before your session to avoid post-session billing, due to staffing limitations.


Service Type


Individual Therapy (50 minutes)


Individual Therapy (90 minutes)


Family/Couples Therapy (50 minutes)


Family/Couples Therapy (90 minutes)


Pre-Marital Counseling (7 – 50 minute Sessions)


APS Temperament Profile


Missed session (except for emergency)             


Returned financial item (bounced check, etc)   



Pre-Marital Counseling Package cost $370.00 (includes seven sessions and two APS Profiles)

  • The first Pre-Marital Counseling session is no charge.
  • Remaining six sessions can be paid per session, at $50/session.
  • Two APS Profiles are required for Pre-marital Counseling, paid before the second session.
  • Our Pre-Marital Counseling meets Tennessee Code Annotated §36-6-413(b)(5) requirements for a $60.00 marriage license discount, upon completing the course.
  • Our Pre-Marital Counseling makes a great gift, with lifelong benefits to a couple. 


Missed Appointments

Your appointment time is a commitment, and not attending the scheduled session prevents another client from being scheduled. We require twenty-four-hour notice for a cancellation, except in the case of an emergency.  Missed appointments will result in a missed session fee.  Our sincere hope is that clients understand the importance of keeping their appointments.

Overall Costs

  • Sanctuary Christian Counseling does not accept insurance primarily because most major insurance companies do not cover Bible-based counseling.
  • Most likely, you will find that our fee is lower than your coinsurance or deductible.  Research has shown that the average counseling relationship lasts seven sessions, with our lower rates, you might not even reach your deductible. 
  • If you chose to make mental health treatment choices based on who your insurance will pay, we encourage you to research what your financial responsibility is before making a final decision.  
  • If you are seeking marriage counseling, insurance companies typically do not pay for this.  Typically, insurance companies require a diagnosis of a mental disorder by one or both participants before marriage counseling will be covered. 
  • Normally, counseling begins with weekly sessions. As the client heals, sessions can become less frequent.
  • Some people cannot afford weekly sessions and find that even one hour a month can bring growth.