Divorce Peace

Divorce Peace counseling works best when both individuals of a failed marriage attend but can also be beneficial if only one of the couple attends.   Divorce is devastating to the couple, children, and other close relationships.  If counseling can begin before the adversarial process of court proceedings begins, much pain and animosity would lessen, and legal fees reduced.  Children routinely become the greatest casualty of the divorce, as they unwitting participants in the emotional pain of the separation. 

Divorce Peace counseling is an arbitration, when a decision to end the marriage is final.  The counselor brings an impartial voice to the difficult discussions of child custody, visitation, finances, future communications and helps to speak for the needs of the children. 

If only one spouse is willing to attend the Divorce Peace counseling, they will benefit from the scriptural admonition of finding peace in a turbulent time of life (James 3:17).  To see if Divorce Peace counseling can help you, let’s meet and see how we might help.  The first meeting is free.