Marriage Counseling

Marriage is a threefold covenant between; Man and God, Woman and God, Man and Woman. The book of Ecclesiastes tells us, “a threefold cord is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12). When all parties in the marriage covenant understand their relationship with one another, the marriage is strong and not easily broken. Yet marriages often struggle because of a lack of understanding by a husband and/or wife.

During couples counseling, marriage is the client, not the individuals. Marriage counseling does not address specific personal issues but may show the individual needs separate counseling to work on personal issues.
Marital Counseling follows a four-step process.

1. You will have an initial meeting with the counselor. Each partner must be willing and open to taking an honest look at themselves and the relationship. Since every couple is unique, this meeting is to determine and personalize the best program for you.

2. Depending on your needs and objectives, you will complete a few assessments and inventories (most can be taken online) that will help us to more rapidly determine an objective view of the cause of the marital struggles.


3. The counselor will meet with each of you alone. During that time, what you share will be confidential and not shared with your spouse unless you desire it be shared. This session is the time that you can be free to tell whatever you feel is relative. We will discuss the different assessments and inventories that you completed to make sure we have understood what you wanted to communicate. Together we will set some goals and objectives that apply to you individually, selecting the next steps to help you reach those goals.


4. We will then meet with you as a couple to consider our next steps. The items we discussed in the individual sessions will be kept confidential. Now is the time we discuss the relationship and common goals that you each have. We will develop communication skills and work on any “toxic” issues in the marriage. You will learn practical deescalating, problem-solving, and communication techniques.


The goal of Marriage Therapy is to help the couple find the joy God intended to be prevalent in our marriages, see one another as the precious gift God has given to one another, and aid the marriage in becoming the example of Christ and His Church to the world.