Spiritual Direction

Because of a variety of reasons, God’s children sometimes lose their direction.  A loss of direction can leave us questioning our purpose, depressed, or unfulfilled.  Jesus tells us His plan for us is to live an “abundant life” (John 10:10), yet our life can feel anything but abundant.  For each child of God, there is a plan, and His equipping us to accomplish that fulfilling work (2 Corinthians 9:8).  To help you find God’s direction for your life, we provide scriptural counsel to prepare you to find God’s will for you. 

The adage, “sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees” is fulfilled, as we become too close to issues to see God’s clear leading.  Only God can reveal His perfect will for your life, yet wise counsel can provide a fresh perspective, leading you to see the scripture in a new light.  Solomon validated this when he wrote,Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.” (Proverbs 19:20).

In Spiritual Direction counseling, we will discuss what brought you to counseling, discuss your spiritual background and leading, consider your spiritual gifts, and prayerfully seek the direction of scripture.